Saturday, September 25, 2010

How to contact Facebook owner/admin ?

Lots of people are looking to contact Facebook admin because of the recent problems of Facebook .
Lots of Facebook accounts are disabled without warning and giving any reason so people want their accounts back but unfortunately it is not possible now to get your account back . But you still can contact Facebook . 
Facebook's phone number is +1 (650) 543-4800. They don't offer tech support over the phone, but you can reach law enforcement, copyright claims, etc. through this phone number.
You can also contact Facebook by . You can send them your problems and Questions on the support address given above . 




  1. moj profil je zakljucan kako da ga otkljucam

  2. im looking for this name ID could u help me to find her here is name at facebook Syuhaidah Mohamad

    1. email me at

  3. i have been banned from facebook cheap shop for no reason

    1. email me at

  4. facebook now controls who we can and cannot be friends with. This is ridiculous.

    1. email me at

  5. Facebook Errors:

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  6. My name is wendie cox and if someone in your office will please call me at 972 998 5492 i would like you to take all the pages that have made death threats against myself and daughter Jaci Rae Jackson and other family members. I have reported these pages sever times as well as the people who are making these threats as well as other harassing statements.

    Thank you
    wendie cox

    1. email me at

  7. how do you reset your account recovery process one of the three friends i selected cant access their email account so now i have 2 verf codes ...
    any ideas ?? tried to contact facebook no reply ....

  8. I want to find owner page ofរណសិរ្សសិស្សអន្តរទី្វប/294043260647015. can you help me?

  9. why do you allow inmates who are in prison to update their facebook pages using a illegal cellphone

  10. I received a ban and told my account could be deleted due to violations... for a picture of "Merry Aussie Christmas" posted at least 7 months ago. In the picture are 3 fully dressed people, kangaroo and koala wearing santa hats, a BBQ, a ute (pick up truck) and beer. Seriously!
    But I have had death threats made against me on the Anime at Abbotsford shop page, I have seen threats made against others on public pages, and all of that seems ok. But post a picture of white people and BAM, you get banned.

  11. my name is greg weatherby..i deleted all of my friends but my page says i still have 4 friends....i can see the name of only 1 and that name is Aaina Zaakary....i have never heard of this person...there is no photo is in black not blue i cannot remove nor even get info and i cant even see the other 3 people ...are these people moles set to spy on my activity?? caus lets face it face book is a spy agency who are these people? and why can i not contact fb about this issue?

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  13. Dear FB, sending my big wish to you, very much please to unblocked response function in posts via FAN PAGES - which I like, or my frends, sometime I want to greeting there, or say hello, Pls. whan is available unblocked this to use, I´m really not a spam or spamer, I´m 31yrs old mother - named Barbora, from Czech Republic /the middle Europe/ Pls. give me back a chance and possibility comment the posts: Dear lovely Facebook, please unblocked it, I wish and makes me very happy to have opportunity to comment on posts via fanpages, which I am a fan, pls pls pls, i´m so sad for your blocked - please help me,
    My full name - Barbora Ksandrová
    age 30
    from Czech Republic

  14. Face book administration please enable my face book account , this account is my life , i have more then 10 large groups that i am an admin.

    and i have a lot of photos and friends and the highest scores in application.

    face book is my life and if my account is disabled , so am I too
    please it would be my golden pleasure if you enable my face book account name is Arthur B. Medina and the email of my account is, and i have the picture of my grandfather and my grandmother in my account that you disable please sir, enable my account because those pictures are most important to me because
    they died 2 yrs ago and i have no picture left on him/her so if you would please enable my account because that account is my life...

    your faithfully

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  16. Logged out of fb and I can't remember my password, I tried the "forgot password" and it asked to send a verification to my old email which I can no longer access. It then asked for an email I use now, I tried that and it said can't verify account. Also it won't give me an option to send verification code to my mobile. Help please, I just want to be able to get back into my account.

  17. I'm going through a sex change so I know longer known by that name people know me as the name I put I'm completely honest with everyone about who I really am & who I was born as but I'm planning on living life as female I'm in process of that and a name change recently I've had to make several new accounts because they won't except name I'm clearly getting my name changed to so I'm always blocked out my account or getting it monitored for know reason I'm the same exact person in every picture not pretending to be someone I'm not or catfishing people actually call me Candice Candi now or laydii rack-and-pinion I'm an entertainer entrepreneur model soon to be artist & I'm loosing contacts and connection with friends and friends even fans I need you to allow me to get my two old pages back Candi cocaine racksz I'll change that's user name bc I under stand it's a bit inappropriate and also my Candice Laydii racksz Miller I beg you facebook is my life contact me at

  18. Hi I just open my Facebook acc not long ago and I have been hacked and they fixed it and now again it's been hacked , I live in New Zealand but now I'm in Germany for holidays my husband also use my Facebook acc in New Zealand , could u plzzzzzzz fix my Facebook page ?

  19. this is my email

  20. Hello... My name's Timothy Froese, my user name is Timothy Ryan and my email is My cell is 12045048904. I've got a very bad problem I'm hoping you can help me with. I've been blocked from my facebook account now for the 3rd time in a month. I need to be clear that I have done nothing wrong. I've been locked out of a perfectly legitamate account for reasons Facebook refuses to share. I don't understand the dark secret behind this but I am angry and hold resentment for being given the priveledge to have the time of my life connecting with friends and commenting on posts and then for unknown reasons being locked out without any notice or explanation as to the reason why. Facebook claims they will get in touch with me but they never do. They are being outright dishonest. I can't fight it as I believe it is 1 person or else a tight knit group of facebook staff, maybe jealous, that are blocking me. It's unfair to me, a facebook user, and it hurts to lose so many close friends I connected with and love. If you don't contact me I know I'll never get a reason... that's fine but understand that I will always resent facebook for it and I won't be back.

  21. want to ask my fb at my disadvantage / freeze, I have only one fb.
    And every time I create a new account for fb not a day will be disabled as well ...
    How can i get my fb @ for a new one ???
    Every time you create a new one will be disabled
    Please help

  22. i am lock in facebook.. i sahre the link for my grades only not for phish
    ing.. the link i share is not phishing site